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If you are booking your first appointment online with our chiropractor, we will call you prior to your appointment to confirm you have all the details you need.


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Call us on (07) 3356 0713 for help.


Returning patient?  In bad shape or have a new injury?

Please book a longer appointment time as per the descriptions following. You can also add notes when booking to give us a heads up as to what is going  on.  Then we can make sure we have the right slot for you.  If it turns out you don’t need all the time allocated, you will only pay for a shorter appointment.


Can’t get the time you want?

We have a waiting list! If you are looking at our calendar but don’t make an appointment, we don’t know you are looking, so we’ve made a way to fix that…  Click on the “Waiting List” button below and let us know your details and your preferred times and we will place you on the waiting list.

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